I have travelled the world for many years, taking photographs of what I see. I like to create photo art, lying between photography and fine art paintings, that represents the visual and emotional impact the subjects had for me. Using my camera as a brush, my goal is to create images that go beyond a simple reflection of the subjects. I look for landscapes, wild animals and people that are profoundly beautiful (using this word in its broadest sense) and that possess "simple elegance".

I am continually striving to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and looking for a different perspective of the familiar. I like to explore places and objects around me and try to discover elegance, beauty and, sometimes, humour where other people fail to see these qualities. Photography is for me a matter of seeing rather than just looking; the subject matter is only a vehicle to convey feelings and emotions that light creates because it is through the actions of light that we perceive and interpret our surroundings.

I share with you here a selection of my favourite images.